20 Jun 2022

Possibly the biggest threat to the small Private Sector Landlord, Build-toRent companies – aided and abetted by the Government’s many attacks including s24 tax, the removal of s21 possessions, and the relentless assist stripping by over-zealously enforcing councils – these highly wealthy companies want special treatment!

Saying that they need “no regulation that will deter investment” and “removal of barriers to modern methods of construction” they have discovered what PRS landlords already know: The current mass of 165 laws and over 400 regulations makes it virtually impossible to be profitable.

Except, unlike PRS landlords tele companies are big enough (and probably went to the right schools) to demand that the Government gives them special treatment. Ed.

Here’s how they released the story:

Build To Rent advocate want special treatment for growing niche

A property investment company says Build To Rent is key to helping Britain meet its current housing and climate change challenges – and deserves special treatment.

The Long Harbour residential real estate investment management company has produced what it describes as a white paper outlining BTR’s “pivotal role” in Britain’s future. 

By building modern and sustainable homes, the BTR sector can drive the government’s commitment to Net Zero and a green recovery, stimulating the behavioural change required across industry, says Long Harbour. And BTR can help with the levelling-up agenda across the UK by winning institutional investment in those regions with the greatest housing need. 

However, although Long Harbour says it wants “a  level playing field” for BTR with other parts of the housing market – so no regulation that will deter investment into the sector, for example – it nonetheless wants special treatment in the form of a minister with responsibility for BTR in the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities.

Alongside this, the paper accuses government of a lack of policy focus on BTR and its potential benefits to UK growth.

It additional wants government “to remove barriers which are preventing Modern Methods of Construction from becoming an integral element of housing delivery, as well as financial incentives which accelerate BTR’s contribution to the building of greener, more efficient homes.”

James Aumonier, chief operating officer at Long Harbour, comments: “The BTR sector has remained exceptionally resilient throughout the pandemic thanks, in part to the fundamental strength of its investment model. The White Paper underlines BTR’s strength to significantly increase the supply of housing across the UK, level up the regions through investment and regeneration, whilst playing a key role in the UK’s efforts to transition to Net Zero.

“As we enter the worst cost-of-living crisis in 40 years, we will continue to discuss with policymakers the importance of continued investment and how the sector can help deliver on the government’s priorities.”

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