21 Oct 2019

Fantastic Morning, taking back a house for a long-established client from a company who had rented it for subletting, not telling the letting agent nor the landlord.

None of the employees on the agreement ever lived there, last year it was found to be overcrowded with 10 occupants on a house only supposed to have 5 occupants and they had created a self-contained unit too. Breaches of planning, overcrowding and licensing to name a few.

Within 7 days we had managed to get the number down to 6 and identified them all and their right to rent checks. There was still a year to run on the agreement so let them stay rather than go through lengthy possession. The client wanted to avoid court and conflict.

Regular checks – always with 24 hours notice and it appeared all was well each month the check was done.

Roll forward one year, a month ago, the agreement was to be ended as per the contract. The checkout company came and the occupants were all in situ.

The rent to rent company was served it Notice to Quit in July 2019 with 2 months notice. This was to permit them to serve notice on the occupants. Did they do this? Of course not!

So, most would have gone down the possession route.

Decided with the client, to work some magic and see if we could get everyone out faster.

Move forward one calendar month from the original tenancy expiry, all the occupants are out, possession gained, and through some skilled communications, a property back and more or less ready for sale for the client.

You don’t always need to be heavy-handed to get results, find out what each party wants and work with them to achieve it, even if they don’t understand you for it, get them what will make them happy in the end and move on. 8 different negotiations needed – all paid for by the client to gain possession without any rent arrears.

Landlord Happy, Rent to Renter Happy, Council Happy, Ex-Occupants Happy. The Rent to Renter also realises that they cannot do this anymore. If only he was trained properly?

Does the Landlord wish he’d gone FULLY MANAGED? You bet! The agent was a large group branch. Love winning, it feels great.

Since taking possession at 1pm already had two HMO Investors call to book viewings. Makes a client very happy.

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