25 May 2022

Why oh why oh why?

Many patients regretted the cheap option surgical procedure that went wrong, it was the money they went cheap.

Many patients regretted the expensive option as the surgeon was overconfident and overcharging.

Many a patient got what was the right service, price and outcome and were very pleased.

The same is true with landlords dealing with issues such as

  • Licence Issues
  • Antisocial Behaviour
  • Rent Arrears
  • Civil Penalties
  • Rent Repayment Orders
  • Improvement Notices
  • Prohibition Orders
  • PACE Interviews under Caution
  • HHSRS Disrepair complaints
  • Repairs and the like too.

Go to cheap and realise the cost.

Go with the inexperienced realise the outcome is wrong

Go with the experienced and trained and those who achieve the best outcomes and you will win.

So, why oh why oh why do landlords who scrimp and go low cost and then get in trouble for it continue to do the same when it comes to local authority and tenant enforcement?

Because they cannot change their habits, their ways, and their disciplines.

If you’re a landlord in trouble and you love to save a penny to spend £10,000 defend yourself.

If you are a good landlord and you made a mistake, seek professional help and get it sorted properly by professionals.

No matter what your trouble is, if you didn’t plan for the council to enforce against you, then you should not be talking to them. They are the enforcer, they cannot help you, they cannot advise you, and they can only harm the situation more. Do not even ask them for more time, it goes against you.

Today has been one of those days where nearly every person who consulted with us was far better advised by others with no experience and no idea of the consequences.

So much so. they have paid the price.

One today paid a fine they were not guilty of, because it gave them certainty. Better to pay 5 times the cost of getting the offence quashed than to risk losing.

Another has their story so mixed up, that 5 year old would find them guilty, but still going to the Police and Criminal Evidence Interview under caution, without assistance. They will likely get a banning order following prosecution. It would have been better to have the charges made and then defend in this particular case. (it isn’t always), in this one it would be.

You cannot know everything and the team at Landlord Licensing & Defence has so much knowledge and experience and associates to assist, that most matters we can solve and much better than fighting the way most people defend.

If you are in trouble, call us, if you are to have a chance of defence, we can help you.

Don’t let an inexperienced person botch your life, your business or income and whatever you do, your mum’s friend’s best mate who is a lawyer in another field is likely the worst person to help you.

The operational application of the Housing Act 2004 and the Housing and Planning Act 2016 is very specialist, use a specialist to assist and save you from the heavy hand of enforcement.

Des Taylor

Landlord Licensing & Defence

Get in touch when you the council or the tenant gets in touch to enforce 0208 088 3400.

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