21 Jul 2020

An influential think-tank wants private rental properties to have a minimum EPC rating of B by 2030.

The Institute for Public Policy Research says: “Incentives should be matched with new regulation and enforcement actions to ensure compliance. “

Specifically for the rental sector it calls for the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards to be gradually raised to at least B by 2030.

It wants the same minimum to be required across all private residential properties, including for owner-occupied homes, at the point of sale or when other renovations are carried out. 

For some two years it has been a requirement under MEES for any new tenancies or tenancy renewals of properties rented in the private rented sector to have a minimum energy performance rating of E on an Energy Performance Certificate. 

And from April this year this has also applied to all existing tenancies, even where tenants are staying in place. 

Said Phil Turtle, compliance Director at Landlord Licensing & Defence, “Whilst it would be wonderful to have all properties raised to EPC band B and I’d love not to be finding property after property full of damp and mould due to excess cold on my HHSRS inspections, the only way this would actually be achieved would be the mass demolition of Victorian and older housing stock!

“I’m not against that in principle as whilst great architecturally they are not fit thermally, they tend to be damp and they are not laid out for modern living. But goodness knows what planet these think tank people are on if they think that this can be done by 2030 or that Private Sector landlords can afford to demolish and rebuild all their stock! Get back in your tank and Have another think guys!”

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