05 May 2022

Housing Health and Safety and Proper maintenance.

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This is a result of a casual landlord leaving the tenant to their own devices of cleaning.

After a 7-year tenancy it is clear the lid to the toilet system had never been lifted.

When checking properties out where do you look that others don’t look.

This was after the end of tenancy.

Needless to say there was mould on the windows and the shower unit.

Mould and other bacteria grow in unusual places.

Make sure you are checking these things to prevent health risks to tenants.

The Housing Acts 2004 Part 1 relates to housing health and safety and is known as the Housing Health and Safety Rating System or HHSRS for short.

HHSRS can be described as”The 29 ways to infect or kill your tenant.”©

Is it important?


It is what local authorities use to determine enforcement action against landlords.

If you are a HMO landlord many local authorities bypass HHSRS and use the Management of Houses in Multiple Occupation Regulations 2006 to enforce.

Next time you are at your rental property doing a periodic inspection, take a moment to lift the cistern lid and check what it maybe harbouring.

If you are in HMO have your cleaners do the same take a picture for you.

Property maintenance is part of the landlord’s responsibilities but if your tenants are creating a health risk you need to fix it.

HHSRS take it seriously.

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