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19 Jul 23

Energy efficiency improvement costs for some private rented sector homes could cost nearly £15,000.

The English Housing Survey for 2021-2022 reveals 19% of PRS homes could cost between £10,000 and £15,000 to improve to at least an EPC rating of C.

A further 5% of homes could require £15,000 or more to improve their energy efficiency.

30% of  homes could be improved for under £5,000

Nearly half of PRS homes (46%) could cost between £5,000 and nearly £10,000 to improve their energy efficiency.

According to the survey, almost a third (30%) of homes could be improved for under £5,000.

Though the plans have not been made into law, ministers have previously proposed that by April 2025, newly rented properties in England and Wales will need to meet a minimum EPC standard of C – tougher than the current E standard.

The regulation is also slated to apply to existing tenancies from 2028.

When compared with other sectors, homes of private renters were generally more likely to require larger sums of money to reach an EPC rating of C compared to social renters.

Direct debit most common energy payment for private renters

According to the survey, most private renters in 2021, lived in homes with an energy efficiency rating band of A to C (44%) followed closely by band D (42%) while the remaining 14% lived in homes with a band of E to G.

Direct debit was the most common energy payment method for private renters, with more than (54%) using direct debit to pay for gas and two-thirds (66%) using direct debit to pay for electricity.

The proportion of people paying by direct debit was higher among private renters for both gas (54%) and electricity (66%) compared to social renters (40% and 46% for gas and electricity)

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